Greenovation is an Egyptian Energy Service Solutions Company specializing in Energy Management Solutions that perform a complete advanced System by integrating different sources of energy together into one efficient arrangement with a high control system technology suitable for your needs.

Greenovation provides a wide range of services to help its customers to reduce their energy and operation costs, in addition to maintaining the highest quality levels across its range of activities providing reliable, effective, and sustainable smart & solar solutions as our constant goal is innovation towards excellence.

We encourage both our employees and partners to enrich social and economic welfare by contributing to the development of more affordable clean energy as we are dedicated to seeking innovation driven reliability and cost-performance improvement to ensure that our customers enjoy industry-leading returns and benefits.

Energy Service Solutions:

  • Solar PV System.
  • Smart System Solutions.
  • Energy Audit & Utility Management.
  • Light Current & Security

 Partners of Success

  • Ampio
  • Satel

Vision, Mission and Core Value

Vision: To become one of the leading energy companies in generating safe, reliable, controllable and sustainable energy in Egypt by 2020 to meet the world’s changing needs.

Mission: To enhance and encourage the current and coming generations in utilizing the energy sources efficiently & safely.

Core Value: At Greenovation, we share a set of standards that govern a professional & innovative work environment, maintain a high level of productivity, while ensuring safety and excellence for client satisfaction.  We embrace transparency, integrity, and exert the utmost effort to achieve challenging targets, while upholding trust and respect for our clients as well as our employees.



Here is a brief history of our business, and how we shifted in the field of Energy Management Solutions.

It all started in 2010, when we started our business as an Electro-Mechanical company, we have been working continuously on diverse projects, accumulating the highest technical specifications with designs based on codes (local and universal) standards and correct implementation within the defined budgets.

We offered the design, supply, construction, operation and maintenance services in electrical works, for a miscellaneous array of facilities from luxury villas to high rise buildings and utilities, in accordance with plumbing and firefighting, air-conditioning and ventilation systems.

In 2016, our vision has been drifted to move towards energy management solutions services to offer a reliable, affordable and carbon free energy delivered with passion, expertise, teamwork and a relentless focus on customer satisfaction with a specific set of values and goals.

Greenovation helps high energy consumers to achieve a reliable, cost efficient energy mix through smart energy management systems to help in identify energy conservation opportunities and access a free or low-cost energy auditin