Our Energy Solutions

Consists of three segments

Energy Audit

Provides all the information related to the energy consumption by examining the energy system to ensure that energy is being used as efficient as possible


Solar Energy

Your Solar Electric Power System Energy enables you to generate a portion of its own electrical power from sunlight, with providing many years of automatic operation without producing noise or air emissions and without requiring fuel or extensive mechanical maintenance.


Utility Management

The best way to Control energy spending and ensure that your business is operating at maximum energy efficiency, when you’re looking to get a handle on energy use and utility bills.

Our Smart Solutions

Divided into three sections

Smart Systems

Greenovation is the Exclusive Distributor for AMPIO Smart System in Egypt, with Smart System you can control the lighting, Shutters & blinds, Heating & Air conditioning, Audio & video from any place inside, or outside of the building.It is unique system and easy set-up, the system is designed so that everyone, without exception, could run it easily.


Light Current

Greenovation provides a full suite solution for CCTV, access control, audio visual, MATV, video conference, streaming systems, cabling infrastructure to provide the highest technical standards for a turnkey project.


Security System

Our Security System customize all the alerts for you to get notifications about the issues that matter most to you, a fully integrated system is smoothly configured with your smart system.


We Can Serve in


Increase your Energy production & Decrease your Utility Bills.



Smart Investment & Positive publicity


Hospitals and Hotels

Energy Independence & Clean Energy



Strong Local Economy & Low Energy Consumption


Academic Facilities

Unique Educational opportunity for students and Low Electricity Bills



Solar Street Lighting and advertisements with smart edition.

Our Latest News

Our Latest News
  • AMPIO Smart System

    Greenovation become the exclusive distributor for AMPIO Smart System in Egypt, AMPIO is a Polish Smart System Company, and with AMPIO you can control all… Read More →

  • Agreement with OUD-Egypt

    One of the important projects we start with this year 2019; we signed an agreement with The Leading Company OUD-Egypt (Orientals for Urban Development) to… Read More →

  • Recent Projects

      Solar & Smart Projects at New Cairo   Greenovation has recently signed 2 PV Solar Projects at New Cairo each of rated capacity of… Read More →

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